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Euthanasia and Unbearable pains

Euthanasia and Unbearable pains

What is Euthanasia? Painless inducement of a quick death is known as Euthanasia. However, euthanasia is not properly defined in this approach as it leaves open a number of possible actions which would meet the requirements of the definition but would not be seen as euthanasia. In specific, these embrace things wherever someone kills another, […]

 A brief discussion on Animal Euthanasia and its suitable methods

Animal Euthanasia

Introduction: Euthanasia term is originated from the Greek word which means good death. Animal euthanasia or Pets euthanasia can be defined as is the action of placing an animal to death. Reasons for euthanasia can involve painful (and especially incurable) conditions or diseases. Lack of sources to continue supporting the different animals, or laboratory test […]