Drug Abuse and how we can fight it

Drug Abuse

What Is Drug Abuse?

Drug abuse is a disease that disturbs your mind and behaviour. When you’re abused to some drugs, you can’t resist the desire to use them, no matter how much fatal the drugs may cause.

Abuse of the drug isn’t about just cocaine, heroin, or other illegal drugs. You can also get the abuse to opioid painkillers, nicotine, alcohol and other legal substances.


Addiction vs. Abuse:

Drug abuse is when you use illegal or legal substances in ways you shouldn’t use it. You might take more than the regular level of dose of pills or use without a physician’s prescription. You may abuse drugs to feel ease stress and good. But commonly, you can alter your unhealthy and bad habits or stop using altogether.


Addiction term is used when you can’t stop any legal or illegal drug. Even when it sets your health in severe danger.  It cannot stop even when it sources of emotional, financial and other problems for you or your loved ones or your family.

Effect of drug abuse

There are different effects occurs in the body due to the abuse of the drug. This includes

Effect on the brain:

Our mind is bound to make you want to repeat involvements that make you feel good. So people are motivated to do these functions again and again.

The drugs that may be abuse which target your brain system. Then the brain release a chemical called dopamine. This neurotransmitter triggers a feeling of intense pleasure for a person. So people keep taking the overdose of the drug to get high feelings of pleasure.

As time passes, your brain released the extra dopamine. So people might need to take more overdose of the drug to get the same pleasurable feelings. When people use these drugs for a long duration, it can cause alterations in brain chemical systems. Drug abuse can hurt your

  • Memory
  • Ability to learn
  • Decision making
  • Judgment


Effects on coordination system:

When people use drugs for a long time and become drug abused persons so with the brain function disturbances all coordination system of the body also affected. The person will appear in a miserable condition.

Signs of drug abuse:

  • A desire to use the drug every day, or many times a day for a long time without prescriptions.
  • You always have the drug in your pocket even in that situation if you can’t afford it.
  • You keep taking drugs even if it causes you trouble.
  • You remain more time alone.
  • You are interested to take care of yourself
  • You look sick when you try to quit drug abuse habit.
  • Want to Suicide
  • Depression and aggression
  • Anxiety and uneasiness


How we can fight against drug abuse?


The first to stop drug abuse is to self-talk. Firstly you should determine with the stop of drug abuse with yourself.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) provides techniques to stop the use of drug abuse. CBT methods can help you to stop cognitive distortions in your bad thinking. Through proper cognitive behaviour methods, a person can stop drug abuse.

Get a Hobby:

Loneliness can create bad thinking in mind so the person becomes drug abuse to get pleasure. So the person should do a good hobby regularly to overcome the drug abuse situation.


Self-care is an important factor for getting rid of drug abuse. If you will start the taking of self-care you will realize that you are doing wrong with yourself .so you will stop drug-taking.

Remove Bad Memories:

The best way to get rid of drug abuse is to remove the bad memories from your mind .when there will bad thinking in mind then a person remains depressed .so for getting pleasure he started to use drugs and become addicted so a person should remove the bad memories from the mind.

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